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Our strength and passion lies in the creation of logistics solutions to support your business. We are process oriented, conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses, all based on a thorough understanding of your needs. We make your business flow. Our team supports you on the design, control and optimization of your supply chain and logistics networks. We are committed to provide ‘best in class’ facilitation, whether it requires a process, building, equipment or IT solution. The total supply chain and its environment is our domain, with a unique expertise in the processing of air cargo at airports.

Our advisory services

Logistics Facilities Design

You will benefit from over 40 years of Districon’s professional experience in design, development and fitting out logistics facilities and mechanized and automated solutions. We can support you in every aspect and every step in the process; from concept to realization and start up. We can inspire you with and apply examples from a broad range of successful project references. The result will be a tailormade solution that addresses the requirements of the user, the owner and the investor. We commit ourselves to your time plan and budget. We work efficiently together with architects, construction and other contractors and engineers.

We help you with

Fulfilment centers: We design facilities for all types of logistics operations, from precision to bulk pick and pack activities; from commodity to special products, from limited to comprehensive assortments. Retail and Wholesale, and Logistics Service Providers.

Air cargo terminals: We are a unique combination of resources providing the required skills or air cargo facility design. We understand all of the special requirements of land to air interface at airports. We have proven our experience, following all of the correct steps and guiding the thought processes works. Our clients have attested to this. Our objectivity is not encumbered with pre-selected hardware selections: Our work simply delivers the most efficient air cargo terminals.

Transport (Network) and Distribution

The design, layout and fitting out of your transport and distribution network includes many critical aspects and poses important strategic and tactical questions.

Which locations will be most effective? Which transport modes and systems are best for your operation? How will the ordering and delivery processes work best? How to maintain your budgets? Can you ensure reliability and sustainability? What activities will you undertake yourself and which will you outsource?

We help you with the optimal design and implementation to ensure that you can exceed the expectations of your clients and stakeholders. For this we can utilize our certified optimization tools such as AIMMS en PTV Smartour.

We help you with the optimal design and implementation to ensure that you can exceed the expectations of your clients and stakeholders. For this we can utilize our certified optimization tools such as AIMMS en PTV Smartour.

We help you with

  • Supply Chain Footprints:Your supply chain footprint indicates its effectiveness, relative cost level and your position vis-à-vis the competition. Optimizing the placement and level of stock, transfer locations and processes and, of course, how to design and implement the critical last mile: these are vital questions to which we can help to clarify the best answers. Retail & Wholesale, Industry and Logistic Service Providers
  • Distribution Networks:Districon helps you with the selection and assignment of order and delivery schedules balancing costs, stockage and service levels. Retail & Wholesale, Industry and Logistic Service Providers.
  • Multimodal Transport:Districon helps you with the setting up multimodal transport networks that support sustainability. Logistic Service Providers.

Master planning & logistics parks

A profound understanding of the market and operators is essential in the development of logistics centers at airports, in seaports and in industrial zones. Effective plans yield efficient operations, high occupancy and increased return on investment. Districon professionals have this knowledge in-house. We develop innovative logistics concepts, and then incorporate these into master plans and development programs. The results are market-driven, flexible and sustainable. This makes financial underwriting easy, clear and effective.

Our understanding of the links between production, air and road transport networks and distribution centers combine to provide a unique service in Airport Logistics Park design and development support. Our work enables planning agencies and airport managers to ensure optimal use of scarce resources to support volume growth and to accommodate the air cargo operators. This benefits the real estate investment and management sectors and accelerates regional economic growth.

Supply chain planning & visibility

Districon’s professionals draw upon decades of experience in managing supply chains. Efficient processes, sufficient supply volumes for on time delivery: we strive for the best results for you.

We support you through

  • Airport Cargo Processing: Airports & Air Cargo
  • Assortment and Supply Level Management. Demand from the end user is sporadic, changing and almost unpredictable. The user wants a constant change and a vast choice in product. Sales are influenced and fluctuate as weather, promotion and local conditions change. Districon guides you to ensure the most effective distribution processes. Retail & Wholesale and Industry
  • Spare Parts Management: The demand for spare parts is increasingly difficult to foresee. Districon applies proven experience to increase your performance in meeting specific industry demand. Service & Maintenance

Market Strategy

Today’s markets present intensifying competition. Production and purchasing demands are changing rapidly. Clear vision and strategy are required. We have supported our clients for many years, in the fitting-out, management and control and optimization of the distribution chain. Together with you, we set and maintain the flow. We are able to do this effectively by drawing on a deep knowledge and understanding of specific markets. This is complemented by stringent benchmarking studies that enable us to interpret conditions and the impact of specific aspects of these on your business.

We provide effective support in

  • Market Analysis and Marketing Strategy:We manage Big Data to identify and profile trends. We translate this to set forth a strategic direction, a clear strategy and a roadmap to realize the benefits. Airports and Air Cargo and Public Sector
  • Multichannel commerce:Together with you we ensure optimal connectivity of equipment, management systems, and optimization of the production and distribution chain. Retail & Wholesale
  • Outsourcing and Tendering:The decision to outsource is of strategic importance. We apply our experience and are able to guide you through the decision process. Retail & Wholesale and Logistic Service Providers