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Welcome Christophe!

20-09-2019 - 11:00 - Nieuws

MASTERING / meaning: verb

  • acquire complete knowledge or skill in (a subject, technique, or art)
  • gain control of; overcome                                                                       

Supply Chain is the management of flows, with the goal to make clients satisfied at the right cost. Managing all product flows, financial flows, information flows, value flows, risk flows and even more important emotional flows is very complex and how do you know if you are doing good enough? Mastering flows is the mission of Districon. We help our customers to acquire complete knowledge and skills to gain more control of their supply chain flows while overcoming the potential impact of disturbances.

I am Christophe Frère and will be driving the growth ambitions of Districon Solutions in my new role as Director Global Business Development. The last 18 years I worked for fast growing companies like Quintiq and AIMMS, and more recently also with ‘AI & IOT’ scaleups.

I believe that companies can indeed be one step ahead of competition when the right people have the right information, at the right time at their fingertips. This is exactly the reason why I decided to join Districon because of their in-depth industry expertise and hands-on approach to drive performance improvements at their global Supply Chain & Logistics customers using specialized analytical tooling from Business Intelligence, to Optimization to AI.

I am very excited to work with the Districon team and their eco-system to help our customers with their move to SC digitization and to more profitability.


Small facts

  • born in Belgium, near Maastricht, and now living in the Netherlands over 20 years
  • 18 years of Supply Chain & Logistics solutions experience
  • invited to join the Van Laarhoven commission 4C Cross Chain Control Center (4C)
  • get lots of energy when visiting plants, warehouses and operations
  • twice awarded with AIMMS as one of the fastest growing Dutch companies, FD Gazelle
  • developed with my son the ‘Pepernoot!’ game in 2018 and got national coverage on Jeugdjournaal
  • love playing Padel (outdoor racquet sport)


With 40 years Supply Chain & Logistics intelligence, Districon is the ideal pragmatic business partner to unburden Supply Chain & Logistics teams and to share new business insights already in the first days of engagement based on in-depth industry understanding so don’t hesitate to invite us for a coffee!