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In the spotlight: Johan Roelofsen

30-07-2019 - 14:30 - Blog

Colleague Johan Roelofsen has been a member of the Districon Business Intelligence team for over 5 years, where he manages the Districon platform team, develops dashboards and delivers training. Read everything about his experiences, challenges and vision for the future in this "in the spotlight".

Who are you?

My name is Johan Roelofsen. I have been with Districon for 5 years already.  I am part of the Solutions department focusing on Business Intelligence.  There I am coordinating our Platform team, working on solutions, infrastructure and capabilities that allow customers to improve every day. 

My experiences

The past years my focus has shifted from supply chain only (as supply chain is my masters) to IT. In this domain I fulfill multiple roles, varying from specialist and architect to project lead. Furthermore, I am doing training for several clients. This involves sharing my experiences in both training in groups and individual training. Allow me to share some examples.

When I developed my first dashboards, this most often consisted of analysis relevant to supply chain projects. Those were relevant for some time but were not used after a while. Later on, dashboards were hosted on a server, able to be used any time of the day. And now for one year we offer our own Business Intelligence services on a self-hosted cloud platform. Where the client traditionally had to invest in hardware and supporting IT teams, that is now a thing of the past. Anyone can start with ease.

I am proud of the major steps we took to make that happen. Five years ago, I would never have thought I would be working on a hosted cloud platform on linux, with technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes. And whenever we see improvement opportunities, we can work on it. Releasing apps takes too much time? All right, let’s think of a solution, build it in Node.js and have a prototype ready to test before lunch.

Another moment I’d like to share is the advanced training session I gave last year. For this training I went to Budapest for three days to train a team of a large international forwarder. The challenge there is to come up with an individual approach. Each member learns on his or her way, and how do you recognize this? Can you connect to their world and business questions? For me, that means as a first to work with their data. No more demo data, which never aligns with the actual business, but actual data to make sure the first training dashboard already adds value. 

Vision for the future

I predict that the speed of technological development remains high. Artifical intelligence solutions will mature and provide added value more easily. As Districon I believe we will not only support our clients with solutions, but also with capabilities. For example, a Business Intelligence capability, in which we offer development, interpreting and advice.

Which colleague will be in the spotlight next?

As Richard Hornstra rejoined the Maarssen team a while ago after living and working in Chicago for Districon Solutions North America, I am looking forward to his experiences.  

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