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Airports & Air cargo

International supply chains depend on efficient air transport and express services. Although air cargo must flow, time gained in the air is often lost on the ground. That’s why airports with smooth cooperation between all stakeholders in the air cargo chain will be the winners: They will attract new business, act as a logistics hub and generate substantial financial and economic gains. Over the past 40 years, Districon has developed expertise in supply chain management to help you win.

We deliver total air cargo solutions to airports, airlines, cargo terminal operators, ICT suppliers, customs authorities, forwarders and real estate developers. As a specialist consultancy firm we are independent and accustomed to teaming with (local) partners, architects and / or engineering companies. We have demonstrated our expertise at more than 50 local, regional and global air cargo hubs. All with the passion to master air cargo flows.

Our main services are tailored to:

  • Market Strategy

    Efficient facilitation of air cargo flows could require extensive investments in infrastructure, facilities and systems. Successful air cargo hubs have demonstrated that high financial returns can be generated by implementing an effective market strategy and business plan.

    In order to identify market potential and business opportunities, we will support you with in-depth industry knowledge combined with proven methodologies, analysis tools and trade and traffic data. We combine local circumstances with best global industry practices. Your market strategy or business plan is just the beginning: Our drive is to make it happen.

  • Air cargo terminals design

    Cargo terminal operators have a key role and responsibility to deliver efficient ground operations at airports and are constantly balancing between provision of capacity, process efficiency and operating costs.

    With regard to air cargo terminals design, we provide the full range of services, varying from concept design to enabling a turnkey facility. We co-operate seamlessly with (local) partners, architects and / or engineering companies. Our starting point is always 'fit for purpose' functionally. Our being an independent expert will prove its value to you. In addition to functionality our design will provide you with long term flexibility. We focus on ensuring the financial feasibility of the investment and when required, we can help you find external investors based on a bankable business plan and investment prospectus.

  • Master planning

    The development of Airport Cities or Airport Logistics Parks (ALPs) is top of the agenda at many airports. Optimal facilitation of the air cargo industry, real-estate investments and an impulse for regional employment go hand in hand.

    Our aim is to develop and realize innovative concepts for the Airport Cities and ALPs with a corresponding master plan, which remains flexible to future developments. We are accustomed to delivering bankable business plans and bid books and are successful in attracting investors. Depending on your needs, we can offer a full range of services or provide specific services and team with other designated internal or third party resources.

  • Supply chain innovation

    All airports and their air cargo community are unique. We do not believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and fully understand that innovation and international practices require customization to local circumstances and carefully managing the implementation of change.

    Simplifying the business is our hallmark and efficiency is in our DNA. We are the front-runners of innovation in the air cargo supply chain, both at company level and at multi stakeholder systems such as airports. Based on latest technologies and our knowledge of international practices at the major cargo hubs we can innovate your operational concept. Some examples of successful innovation programs relate to extensive e-freight adoption programs, cargo terminal capacity optimization programs, realization of virtual free trade zones, integrated government inspection programs, enhanced landside delivery and acceptance processes. With focus on process innovation and efficiency, we do not forget the importance of sustainability. 

To see what we can do for you, please contact us:, +31 346581681 or meet our team.