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Creating a more efficient bread baking process
Client Penny
Expertise Solutions, Optimization, Supply chain planning & visibility
Markets Retail & Wholesale

Penny, one of the supermarket branches of REWE Group, foresees a potential to increase the profit and customer satisfaction by improving the baking process in the stores. Therefore, Penny asked Districon to develop an optimization model which supports the daily baking process in the stores. The goal is to create a continuous baking process which leads to more available fresh bake-off products, less time spent baking and less waste.

At the moment, we are running a pilot in 40 Penny stores. If the pilot is a success, it will be expanded to all 2200 stores.

''With this tool we are able to improve our customer satisfaction due to increased availability and freshness for bake off products.” -Dr Ulrike Biedendieck, Head of Information Processing at Penny.