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Cargo Terminal – Operational redesign
Klant Aviapartner
Expertise Advisory
Markten Airports & Air cargo

Cargo Terminal – Operational redesign

  • Aviapartner has three cargo terminals at Brussels
  • The growth of operations was capacity constraint
  • Districon challenged existing expansion plans and optimized the processes:
    • Alternative spatial allocation of processes
    • Partial integration of import and export processes
    • Alteration of Material Handling System
  • As a result the overall capacity has been enlarged and parts of the expansion plans have been postponed.

Conducted a detailed study in to opportunities to improve the operational performance of the ground handling facility of Aeroground at Schiphol. In particular, a business process redesign of the complete export process flow was initiated. To support this programme a customised staff-planning tool was developed to optimise the use of the available workforce.