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Carrefour Belgium

Exploring opportunities in transport
Klant Carrefour
Expertise Advisory, Transport (Netwerk) en Distributie
Markten Retail & Wholesale

Exploring opportunities in transport

Carrefour is a major player in global retail with strong roots in its local communities. Our project was related to Carrefour Belgium and focussed on 'route to stores' and ‘cost saving’ opportunities. Carrefour supplies its 700 Belgian stores from 4 distribution centres (DC’s). Product groups like ‘Sec’, ‘Frais’ and ‘Non food’ are allocated to at least one of these DC’s. Complex multi depot transport schemes are developed by Carrefour. By analysing store demands, transport schemes and operational costs and performances, we identified significant saving opportunities. Improvement areas are related to the separation of full truck loads to ‘Hyper’ stores and multi drop deliveries, the alignment of delivery time windows of nearby stores and the planning of so called spotters (moving trailers from loading dock to truck parking).

Project results were shared with the Carrefour transport management, enabling them to reduce costs while maintain or even improve service.