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Assessment of a Rawa (PL) warehouse
Klant Pepco
Expertise Advisory, Transport (Netwerk) en Distributie
Markten Retail & Wholesale

Assessment of a Rawa (PL) warehouse

Pepco, part of Pepkor holding, is a leading national non-food discount retail chain, offering clothing and everyday basics. Pepco's ambition is to realise over 600 stores all over Poland. Longer term goal is the realisation of over 1.500 Pepco stores in Eastern and Middle Europe. Pepco had the opportunity to buy the rented warehouse in Rawa. To assess this opportunity, Districon evaluated the warehouse on both geographical location and logistics capacity. Based on the assumed growth in stores and their related geographical spread, a future logistics network with multiple warehouses is recommended. Our modelling results demonstrated Rawa is well located and offers a long term flexible solution. Therefore, buying the Rawa facility was recommended. In order to solve short term capacity issues, we defined smart warehouse processes improvements related to storage and picking productivity.

Pepco did buy the Rawa warehouse and is now in a process to expand in multiple countries.