Districon hosts a guest lecture at the Wageningen University


Thursday June 18th Richard Hornstra, Harmke Duijnisveld and Martijn de Rond gave a digital guest lecture to Master students from the Wageningen University. The guest lecture was part of the course Operations Research and Logistics (ORL), which students with various study backgrounds follow who are all interested to do their Master thesis and/or internship at the ORL department of the University.


Richard, Harmke and Martijn gave the students real-life examples about how Districon uses OR techniques to help its customers to improve the flow in their supply chains. Also, they gave a demo about the application of a genetic algorithm within production planning settings. The students were stimulated to work on the demo themselves through a online survey.

Martijn recently graduated from Wageningen University himself and combined his first months at Districon with assisting at the previously mentioned course at the university. He told the students about his experiences at Districon so far and explained why Districon for him felt as a good fit to his interests and study background.

Finally they informed the students about the possibilities to write their thesis or do their internship at Districon, which the students seemed quite interesting in.

Despite the digital barrier which made the interaction a bit more difficult, there still were a lot of interesting questions and discussions at the end of the guest lecture.

We very much enjoyed hosting the guest lecture and hope to be able to meet the students face-to-face in Wageningen next year!

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