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Diamonds program

As a service provider in the supply chain, you know better than anyone how important it is to gain a competitive advantage. That processes can always be improved by continuing to innovate and entering into new partnerships. The ambitious top talents of Districon ensure continuity and bring you a fresh look at logistics matters. Finding and retaining talented newcomers to the job market can be difficult. Competition in the labor market is fierce and labor relations are often short. With the Districon Diamonds Program, you are assured of talent in the supply chain, econometrics solutions, mechanical engineering, or BI technology when you need it.

We help you with:

  • A mix of top talents in the supply chain connected to your organization in 2 years: You will receive a 2-year Diamonds subscription with Districon. During this period, up-and-coming supply chain leaders bring you a fresh view of logistics matters for a period of six to nine months. They work for the client four days a week and receive training one day a week. In addition, we coach each Districon Diamonds talent in specific challenges within assignments they do
  • Continuity and new insights in the supply chain at an attractive rate: With the 2-year Diamonds subscription you are assured of continuity and new impulses from the supply chain world. At the same time, they will be trained at Districon during this period in the skills necessary for the successful supply chain management. A win-win: they bring you the latest theoretical insights from their training while we train them, together with you, to be a fully-fledged supply chain professional
  • The opportunity to hire them after their development process: With our extensive range of assignments and development, we attract the top talent in the supply chain. In addition, their active network leads to new talents. We train them in both skills and practice, enabling them to fully realize their ambition in supply chain management. As a Diamond at Districon and therefore also at you. After they have completed their development process, you can offer your logistics talent (s) a contract of employment
  • Influence on possible improvements to the implementation of the Districon Diamonds Program that you will profit from in the long term: In recent years we have worked with customers to map the personnel needs of the supply chain market. Which requirements should our talents at least meet? This is the starting point for close cooperation with qualified educational institutions to give our talents the best education
Colleague Veerle als Districon Diamond at Heineken
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