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Expedition Districon

Further developing your talents. Improving your consulting skills. Team building. Coaching. These are fixed components of our long-term training programme Expedition Districon. Every Districonner takes part in this programme. Going for the top together, the way how we do this, is central to this expedition.

Expedition Districon consists of 9 steps, spread over several years. It is an expedition in which training is directly linked to practical experience. The expedition is structured as follows:

  1. Onboarding period. Get to know your expedition team, your supervisors and work on your first project(s). Spread over several months, you will be trained (based on your experience) to work with tools such as Qlik, Excel and the Oberman method. You determine your personality profile by means of a DISC test. And discover how your behaviour is predicted by the 4 DISC factors: Dominance, Influence, Stability and Conscientious.
  2. Basecamp. In a 3-day expedition, you and your team work on your DISC group profile. Together, you show your colours and share your personal experiences. How do you complement each other as a team? You get an introduction to personal leadership, training in basic communication skills and a first interview with your coach. The foundation is laid.
  3. Districon Development Program (DDP). During a year, you work on your hard and soft skills. Your soft skills are developed using Stephen Covey's '7 qualities of effective leadership'. You will then strengthen your hard skills through three-weekly knowledge sessions. Think about AIMMS, PowerBI, Sales, planning & control, warehousing, Air Cargo, finance and logistics & real estate. Your bag pack is now well filled. You will work through this period in a fixed group and also intensively with a coach on your personal goals. You conclude the programme with an intervision with your now close-knit group. You are ready for the next stage!
  4. Experience I. By participating in various projects with various teams, you apply the knowledge you have gained in the next one to two years. You practise project management and work on your personal effectiveness. Through coaching discussions and continued intervision with your DDP group, you evaluate and adjust to take the next steps. 
  5. Consulting skills. With about 10 colleagues you will improve your consulting skills during 3 days by learning new techniques and practicing them a lot with each other. What style do you use? And what effect does this have on the person opposite you? You learn to recognize styles and to make good use of them.
  6. Experience II. You use this phase to further refine your skills. You can choose from two directions. If you want to develop further as a consultant, you follow the consulting track. You work on large, complex projects, deepen your knowledge and practice account management, for example, how to build a lasting relationship with your client. After 2 to 3 years, you can call yourself a consultant. Are you more interested in working as a specialist? Then you can follow the specialist track. Here, the emphasis is on further deepening your knowledge to become an expert in your field. You learn how to optimally use your advisory role in projects. And how to connect to a knowledge network to further enhance your expertise. You will also complete this track after 2 to 3 years. From that moment on, you are a Districon specialist. After completing both tracks, you will start working as a guide for graduate students.
  7. Coaching skills. You want to become an experienced guide, a good coach who accompanies colleagues on their expedition. What are the basic principles of coaching? Which skills are involved? In a 3-day workshop you learn about the structure of a coaching conversation and how to apply this using exercises. Afterwards, you will start with your first coaching assignment. Congratulations, you are now officially a Districon expedition guide!
  8. Trusted advisor. As a consultant, you go through the trusted advisor route. This is where you develop your leadership skills. In 3 modules, you will focus on becoming aware of your seniority. You refine your organizational sensitivity and lift your networking and relationship management skills to a higher level.
  9. Experience III. You are a few years further on and an experienced consultant and coach. Your development remains important on your way to the top. Circumstances can change and you want to be prepared for that. You therefore work on the development of sustainable personal relationships. You will supervise transitions to further expand your experience.

    Would you like to join the expedition or learn more about Districon? Then contact us via info@districon.com. The coffee and our expedition team are ready for you!

    Or take a look at our vacancies, maybe there is already a nice challenge for you!

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