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Air cargo has a significant contribution to the success of an airport and profitable (airline) business. Facilitating air cargo properly is pivotal for (inter)national trade and serves as an accelerator for economic development. 
Although air cargo must flow, time gained in the air is often lost on the ground. That’s why airports with smooth cooperation between all stakeholders in the air cargo supply chain will be the winners: As a smart air cargo logistics hub, the airport will flourish and generate substantial financial & economic gains. Over the past 45 years, Districon has developed explicit (aircargo) supply chain expertise to help you win.

We deliver ‘total air cargo solutions’ to airports, airlines, cargo terminal operators, ICT suppliers, Customs authorities, forwarders and real estate developers. We are independent and accustomed to teaming with (local) partners, architects and / or engineering companies. We have demonstrated our expertise at more than 50 local, regional and global air cargo hubs. 

Districon: Mastering Air Cargo

Mastering Air Cargo
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