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Project management

In addition to generalists, our project leaders are also specialists in your field. They understand your processes, know your housing and associated technology and they monitor your business continuity. The change process is initiated in close collaboration with your organization and your organization will be guided through these various phases during the process. The result is a tailor-made implementation within the framework of the client and with the positive employee experience.

We help you with:

  • Transition processes: we think along with you during the development of a new / renovation distribution center, manage your construction work, support you in setting up the logistics operation and office and we are also able to supervise the move to the new DC without your customers being inconvenienced
  • Business relocation laboratories: from microbiological to physical in a scientific or R&D environment, Districon can help you with project management towards the eventual relocation. This can vary from mapping the different requirements for a laboratory to be built to organizing the physical relocation. Our specialists are familiar with the latest trends, legislation, and regulations in the field of laboratory furnishings, technical specifications of research equipment, and, of course, in the field of the physical movement of all instruments and chemical and biological components
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