Caroline van Winkel - Consultant
'Flow is what makes or breaks the process'

After always having been interested in math and physics, I decided to start studying Aerospace Engineering. Although very interesting, I was looking for a different type of puzzle, which I found through the specialization Air Transport Operations. This specialization focuses on the logistics of air transport and all the optimization problems that come with that. Having learnt about the various types of optimization problems in aviation, I kept finding other processes that could further be optimized. I am eager to learn about other industries and the problems that come with them, and am happy to be working for a company that can provide solutions for such a diverse client base. I am well-organized and a fast learner, always looking for a fun puzzle to solve.


  • Studied Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft
  • Lived in Switzerland for 5 years
  • Likes to cook, play strategic board games, and hike in the mountains