Erik Stienstra - Associate Director
"The challenge is to innovate the flow"

How can we optimally plan our flow of goods? What does our optimal network look like? Here in lies my passion to solve these supply chain puzzles. Next to solving these puzzles, I find it important to ensure that the advice and tools are also implemented. I look beyond the existing framework to truly innovate the flow. I am a focused go-getter and team player who delivers high quality on time. My experience is that a lot of companies are struggling with all kind of logistic challenges within their supply chain. Or are doing rather well but are seeking to set the next step. Central questions are: How are we performing? How can we improve? How do we prepare ourselves for the future? With an ever-changing economy, technology and consumer demand this is an enormous challenge. As a consultant it is important to understand the customer. Making the right analysis makes it possible to provide the customer with the best advice or to provide them with tools that fit best. Helping the customer in this process of innovating the flow is a great challenge.

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  • Studied Industrial Engineering and Operations Management & Logistics at the Technical University of Eindhoven
  • Previously worked at Ab Ovo
  • Loves traveling, skiing, football and race cycling