Jochem Pfeiffer - Senior Consultant
"Mastering flow through close collaboration"

It is my experience and belief that in order to realize an optimal flow in a production and/or logistical chain, the different stakeholders should be on the same page. I get energetic of establishing a deep understanding of issues which take place in such chains and its flows, with the aim to reveal the underlying aspects and problems. I like to combine this with close collaboration between both client and colleagues, in order to work towards a pragmatic solution. I am convinced that in this way it is possible to create a sustainable, optimal flow and that one can actually speak of ‘mastering flow’. With my broad interest and passion for both operations and supply chains, I am driven to tackle every issue that comes my way.

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Jochem Pfeiffer


  • Studied Technology and Operations Management and Supply Chain Management at the University of Groningen
  • Likes hockey, spinning and mountain biking
  • Fascinated by the world of HiFi-audio
  • Cherishes a growing passion for alpinism