Lennart Eringfeld - Consultant
"Improving flow by working together"

From an early age I have been interested in transportation, ranging from airplanes to trains and cars. Furthermore, I always loved optimizing processes. It should therefore be no surprise that my Bachelor in Industrial Engineering proved to be the right choice. During my Master, I followed courses on a wide variety of topics, for example on spare parts logistics, transportation scheduling and data analytics. During my graduation project, I  thoroughly enjoyed working on a project that combined data and logistics.

Districon is therefore the logical next step in my career, offering me the possibility to use my analytical skills to solve challenging questions in the field of logistics and supply chain. Furthermore, I highly appreciate working together with like minded people, since I feel we can accomplish more when working together.

Lennart Eringfeld


  • Studied the Bachelor Industrial Engineering, with a Master Operations Management and Logistics at the Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Conducted his thesis on the design of a hydrogen refueling network for heavy-duty vehicles
  • Has a passion for transportation, from cars to airplanes
  • Enjoys cycling, running and having a beer with friends
  • Likes to travel to foreign countries