Remco de Zwart - Senior Consultant
"Analyzing todays flow to create a better tomorrow"

Since I watched ‘how it’s made’ on Discovery channel I started to develop my interest in logistics. For me it was very satisfying to see all these products moving over assembly lines, so organized, streamlined and flowing in the right direction. From raw material to end product in huge numbers. I can only imagine the puzzle the industrial engineers had to solve to come up with such processes.

My own expertise, warehousing, has many similar components.  Goods move from A to B in, mostly, large volumes. Puzzling to find the most optimal processes. And the great thing within these processes, it can always be done in a better way. Defining these optimizations can be done by data analysis or just by using common sense. Combining these elements my colleagues and I can come up with all kinds of solutions for our clients.

You can read more about me here.


  • Has a Master of Science in Transport & Supply Chain Management from the VU Amsterdam
  • Organizes pub quizzes for colleagues and teammates
  • Loves playing hockey, squash, tennis, cycling and skiing
  • Is very competitive when playing boardgames